Logitech G900:The new wireless mouse gor gamers

Logitech has launched a new mouse designed for gamers. Wireless and responsive, the G900 Chaos Spectrum should appeal to experienced players.

After the launch of the G602, Logitech seemed to have dropped the mouse gaming wirelessly. Especially since the video game professionals generally blame the wireless mouse to be too heavy, less reactive and prone to electromagnetic interference. Logitech has decided to prove to gamers that a wireless mouse can be a real asset by launching the G900 Chaos Spectrum.

G900, light mouse without wire Logitech
The G900 Logitech wants to conquer light gamers. Its chassis has been completely redesigned and although it incorporates a battery, the G900 weighs only 107 grams. A record for a wireless mouse. Its size is relatively compact 130 x 67 x 40 mm. As usual, Logitech has built on a design quite dark and aggressive for its new gaming mouse. Black is the dominant color but some gray metallic inserts have still been under the buttons. The design is slightly more square than round and more ergonomic, the coating beneath the palm of the hand is soft and wings mouse streaked.

The G900 uses an optical sensor PMW 3366, its sensitivity is 12,000 dpi and its capture rate of 300 I / s. It also offers maximum acceleration of 40G and makes exchanges with the computer occurring at 1 000Hz. In short, the Logitech G900 is fast and responsive and powerful.

Revisited roulette
This ambidextrous mouse has two click buttons, a button to change the mode scroll wheel, two buttons to adjust the sensitivity of the optical sensor and two buttons on the left side. For more click force, the two click buttons are mounted on a pivot and the mechanical sensor is located in angular position. PTFE pads of the G900 conférent her movements rather fluids. Side autonomy, Li-Po 750 mAh battery of this mouse allows it to last up to 32 hours. The roulette of the G900 Logitech has been revisited, it has the scrolling system free or serrated wheel. This wheel is also lighter than previous versions,

This Logitech G900 mouse is sold at a high price of 179 euros, especially since it does not have a charging base.